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Oct 26 2012, 20:00 / Kiev / Bingo Club
Oct 27 2012, 19:00 / Moscow / MILK Moscow
Oct 28 2012, 20:00 / St.-Petersburg / Glavclub
The best virtuoso rock musicians are getting ready to start their unique joint tour in Russia and Ukraine!
You have never seen such a super band before! For the first time (and it might be the last time) the most famous and legendary rock musicians are going to play their fantastic gigs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev. Lately the reunions of rock stars have become a general trend. But when you can see legendary drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-“Dream Theater”), his bandmate Derek Sherinian (whose outstanding key-board performances you can hear on Kiss, Black Country Community, Alice Cooper and Billy Idol albums), bass-player Billy Sheehan of “Mr.Big” and a virtuoso guitarist Tony Macalpine on stage together, this becomes a significant event indeed. Apart from the fact that during the show we will hear the most interesting and unexpected versions of Dream Theater and bands’ songs, rock legends are also going to improvise a lot, and this is a real chance to experience creation of music right in front of your eyes.  PORTNOY / SHEEHAN / MACALPINE / SHERINIAN  Joint Tour is your chance to listen to music which you can’t find on any album!
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